Providing specific points to ponder for: enhancing behavior intervention practices; management strategies for both general and special education instructional settings; programming for students who experience from mild/moderate to severe/profound disabilities (Pre-K ~ High School).
Featured locally, nationally, and internationally for her keynotes and breakout sessions that are filled with wisdom, humor, and practical applications for responding to challenging behavior demonstrations.
Author of Audio CD Series … “Don’t Look Now, YOUR Behavior is Showing!” released originally in 2006, re-released by popular demand in 2017, and now available for download.

Points to Ponder:

NO! DON’T! STOP!  Think about it. How exactly is that really working for you?  Are there times when you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING seems to work?  No matter the environment, whether school, home, and/or community, we often need strategies to assist in “proactive” planning, as well as “reactive” techniques, when responding to challenging behavior demonstrations that interfere with learning, teaching, and transitions.  Here you will find information that might assist you in aligning your efforts with best teaching practices for determining functional interventions, while keeping in MIND how the brain frequently learns.  As you navigate this website and search for opportunities to enrich your present interventions, please let me know if I might assist you on your journey, and as always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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Jo Mascorro, M.Ed. Independent Consultant for Education, San Antonio, Texas

“Our present life journey is a road paved with memories of our past and anticipation of our future.”
-Jo Mascorro

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“The severity of a behavior may be determined, not by the demonstration,
rather, by how we respond to the demonstration.”
-Jo Mascorro

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