About Jo

Jo Mascorro, an Independent Consultant for Education for over 32 years, is best known for her practical approach when teaching alternative methods for responding to individuals who demonstrate extreme behaviors. During her 45 years of experience in the field of Education, Jo has provided training throughout the nation in areas specific to proactive, behavior intervention practices, communication strategies, parenting skills, and programming for individuals who experience from mild/moderate to severe/profound disabilities (birth-adult).

In addition to requests for services as a Keynote speaker and/or presenter for breakout sessions, Ms. Mascorro is frequently called upon to write FBA’s, BIP’s, and provide information that assist staff with creating potentially successful interventions practices for students whose behaviors are highly disruptive to the learning/teaching environment.

Most recently, consultations have included collaborating with administrators to create crisis response teams and teach possible best practices for navigating extreme, and highly disruptive behavior demonstrations that may affect safety across instructional environments.

A graduate of Texas Tech University, Jo holds a Bachelor of Science in General Education, and Education of the Hearing Impaired, as well as a Masters in Special Education, and Education of the Visually Impaired.


Independent Consultant

Consultative services focus on the implementation of practical communication strategies and behavior intervention techniques for a wide variety of student populations, from general and special education instructional settings, to adults in the workplace.

Staff Development
Intervention Practices

For Educators, Paraprofessionals, Parents/Guardians:

  • behavior intervention strategies, and communication practices, (general education to special education, mild to moderate/severe to profound populations [birth – adult])
  • community-based independent living and work training instruction
  • creating crisis management teams and best practices for responding to severe/profound behavior demonstrations.
  • classroom management practices
  • early intervention practices
  • developing behavior intervention plans/functional behavior assessments
  • parenting strategies
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